imageExperienced crews offer services for:
  • Rod side entry clean outs
  • Pipe Line Cleanouts
  • E-Coil Horizontal Bondlogging
  • Casing side entry clean outs
  • Injection well clean outs
  • Gas well clean outs
  • Retrieving plunger and bumper springs
  • Pump to surface clean outs
  • Abandonments
  • Cementing
  • Spotting chemical (acid jobs)
  • Setting plugs and hang off pipe projects

Horizontal services include:

  • Foam clean outs
  • Mud motor confirmation runs
  • Centralizer and  scraper runs

Camaro operators have experience working with a large variety of flush-by, service rigs, cementers, service trucks, foamers, nitrogen, and fluid hauling company’s.